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The Music That Makes Me Dance

14 tracks available for this songFrom Funny Girl Categories:
Time: 02:19sKey: AbMelodyComplete
Time: 02:32sKey: AbPianoComplete
Time: 02:25sKey: BMelodyComplete
Time: 02:31sKey: BPianoComplete
Time: 01:43sKey: BMelodyPartial
Time: 01:08sKey: EbMelodyPartial
Note: play pe 3,4,5
Time: 01:08sKey: EbPianoPartial
Note: play pe 3,4,5
Time: 03:18sKey: BPianoComplete
Note: slower
Time: 03:25sKey: BMelodyComplete
Time: 03:25sKey: BPianoComplete
Time: 03:23sKey: EbMelodyComplete
Time: 03:23sKey: EbPianoComplete
Time: 02:56sKey: BbMelodyPartial
Note: no repeat
Time: 02:56sKey: BbPianoPartial
Note: no repeat