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Custom Piano Tracks

Upload your sheet music to the form below. Custom backing tracks are $15 for the first 2 pages and $3 for each additional page. Tom has an extensive list of scores available if you do not have the sheet music for your song. Click Here for a full list of scores available.

Custom Notation

If you have a piece of music that needs to be renotated or transposed, send it to me (upload it or fax it), I'll enter it into notation program, make it look good and send it back to you via PDF.

If you have a song that doesn't have any sheet music and requires me to do a transcription or takedown, tell me how elaborate you need the chart: I will write it as a leadsheet (melody/lyrics/chords) and/or add a bass part and/or add a full piano part.

I charge $30/page for notation work. The longer the song, or more elaborate the piano part, the more pages the chart becomes. After we have sheet music for your song, then I can create a backing track or piano accompaniment recording for you.

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