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How does the subscription work?

As a monthly subscriber, you can stream thousands of tracks on your mobile device and you can redeem 3 free Mp3s each month from the website. If you need more Mp3s, they are automatically discounted by 20%.
If you purchase an annual subscription, you can stream the entire PianoTrax library on your mobile device and redeem 36 free Mp3s anytime you need them. If you need more Mp3s than that, they are automatically discounted by 20%.
With a subscription, you stream from the mobile device and download Mp3s from the website to your computer hard drive.
You cannot redeem the free Mp3s until after the 7 day free trial has finished. Apple and Google Play will not let you skip the trial period. You can purchase Mp3s at a 20% discount during the trial period.
The Mp3s redeemed with the subscription are yours to keep, even if you delete the app or cancel your account.
The cost of the subscription is $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year (a 20% savings).