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How does PianoTrax work?

PianoTrax is an app and a website where you can find thousands of piano accompaniments. You can stream and download your tracks as Mp3s. Mp3s can be purchased individually or redeemed with a monthly or annual subscription. You can change key and tempo on Apple mobile devices.
If you have a subscription:*The app is for streaming all the songs in the PianoTrax library. If you can’t stream full songs try this. https://www.pianotrax.com/faq/7*The website is for redeeming your free Mp3s. If you are beyond the 7 day free trial and your subscription is active (you can stream full songs), you should be able to log in on your computer browser at pianotrax.com with the same email address and password as the app. This is the process to redeem free tracks. https://www.pianotrax.com/faq/3<br class="">If you don’t have a subscription:*The app is for streaming your purchases. changing key and tempo if you have an iPhone/ipad.*The website is for purchasing Mp3s which you can download to your hard drive or stream from the app.