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17 songs available for this show

And The Money Kept Rolling In

Time: 00:41sKey: DmMelodyPartial
Note: Play m 78-107
Time: 00:41sKey: DmPianoPartial
Note: Play m 78-107

Another Suitcase In Another Hall

Time: 03:00sKey: AbPianoComplete
Time: 03:05sKey: BbPianoComplete
Time: 02:57sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 02:51sKey: AbMelodyComplete
Time: 02:51sKey: AbPianoComplete
Time: 02:51sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 02:51sKey: CPianoComplete

Buenos Aires

Time: 03:23sKey: BbMelodyComplete
Note: Matches published sheet music
Time: 03:23sKey: BbPianoComplete
Note: Matches published sheet music

Charity Concert

Time: 02:24sKey: CMelodyPartial
Note: Play m13-59
Time: 02:24sKey: CPianoPartial
Note: Play m13-59

Dice Are Rolling

Time: 02:46sKey: GMelodyPartial
Note: Play m 1-67
Time: 02:46sKey: GPianoPartial
Note: Play m 1-67

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Time: 04:10sKey: DbMelodyComplete
Time: 04:10sKey: DbPianoComplete
Time: 04:14sKey: BPianoComplete
Time: 04:10sKey: BMelodyComplete

High Flying Adored

Time: 00:41sKey: EbPianoPartial
Time: 02:35sKey: FMelodyComplete
Time: 02:30sKey: FPianoComplete
Time: 02:39sKey: EbMelodyComplete
Time: 02:31sKey: EbPianoComplete

Oh What A Circus

Time: 01:26sKey: EPianoComplete
Note: faster
Time: 01:43sKey: EPianoComplete
Note: slower
Time: 01:12sKey: EMelodyPartial
Note: Play m29-62
Time: 01:12sKey: EPianoPartial
Note: Play m29-62
Time: 06:24sKey: EMelodyPartial
Note: Play m1-214
Time: 06:24sKey: EPianoPartial
Note: Play m1-214

On This Night Of A Thousand Stars

Time: 01:43sKey: GPianoComplete

Peron's Latest Flame

Time: 00:55sKey: DbMelodyPartial
Note: Play m77-102
Time: 00:55sKey: DbPianoPartial
Note: Play m77-102

Rainbow High

Time: 02:34sKey: CmMelodyComplete
Time: 02:38sKey: CmMelodyPartial
Time: 02:19sKey: CmMelodyPartial
Time: 01:23sKey: CmPianoPartial
Time: 02:49sKey: CmPianoComplete
Time: 02:49sKey: CmMelodyComplete

Rainbow Tour

Time: 01:05sKey: CMelodyPartial
Note: Play m 70-99
Time: 01:05sKey: CPianoPartial
Note: Play m 70-99

Santa Evita

Time: 01:45sKey: FMelodyPartial
Time: 01:45sKey: FPianoPartial
Time: 01:47sKey: FMelodyPartial
Note: piano sound mel

She Is A Diamond

Time: 01:41sKey: DmMelodyPartial
Note: play m20-49
Time: 01:41sKey: DmPianoPartial
Note: play m20-49
Time: 02:01sKey: GmMelodyPartial
Note: Play m 25-54
Time: 02:01sKey: GmPianoPartial
Note: Play m 25-54

The Art Of The Possible

Time: 01:31sKey: GMelodyPartial
Note: Play m 1-29
Time: 01:31sKey: GPianoPartial
Note: Play m 1-29

Waltz For Eva And Che

Time: 00:42sKey: FMelodyPartial
Note: Play m 1-18
Time: 00:42sKey: FPianoPartial
Note: Play m 1-18

You Must Love Me (Madonna)

Time: 02:27sKey: BbPianoComplete
Time: 02:27sKey: BbMelodyComplete