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41 songs available for this show

A Penthouse Apartment

Time: 01:58sKey: BMelodyComplete
Time: 01:58sKey: BPianoComplete

After Born To Entertain

Time: 00:14sKey: CPianoComplete

Angel Mom

Time: 02:09sKey: FMelodyComplete
Time: 02:09sKey: FPianoComplete

Angel Mom 3 False Starts

Time: 01:04sKey: FMelodyComplete
Time: 01:04sKey: FPianoComplete

Angel Mom Playoff

Time: 00:24sKey: AbPianoComplete

Before Born To Entertain

Time: 00:12sKey: CPianoComplete

Born To Entertain

Time: 01:35sKey: CMelodyPartial
Time: 01:36sKey: CPianoPartial
Time: 01:34sKey: AMelodyComplete
Time: 01:34sKey: APianoComplete
Time: 01:38sKey: CMelodyComplete
Note: Faster
Time: 01:38sKey: CPianoComplete
Note: Faster
Time: 00:55sKey: BbMelodyPartial
Note: 24 bar cut
Time: 00:55sKey: BbPianoPartial
Note: 24 bar cut
Time: 00:41sKey: CMelodyPartial
Note: 24 bar cut
Time: 00:41sKey: CPianoPartial
Note: 24 bar cut
Time: 01:37sKey: BbMelodyComplete
Note: Faster
Time: 01:37sKey: BbPianoComplete
Note: Faster
Time: 02:39sKey: CMelodyComplete
Note: matches score
Time: 02:39sKey: CPianoComplete
Note: matches score

Born To Entertain-I'm The Greatest Star

Time: 02:04sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 02:05sKey: CPianoComplete
Time: 02:09sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 02:09sKey: CPianoComplete
Time: 02:01sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 02:01sKey: CPianoComplete
Time: 02:21sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 02:21sKey: CPianoComplete


Time: 01:57sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 01:57sKey: CMelodyComplete

I Hate Musicals

Time: 02:26sKey: AMelodyComplete
Time: 02:26sKey: APianoComplete
Time: 04:03sKey: AMelodyComplete
Note: complete
Time: 04:03sKey: APianoComplete
Note: complete

I Want The Girl

Time: 02:29sKey: EbMelodyComplete
Note: Revised 2017
Time: 02:29sKey: EbPianoComplete
Note: Revised 2017

It Will Never Be That Way Again

Time: 02:49sKey: EmPianoComplete
Time: 02:58sKey: EMelodyComplete
Time: 02:58sKey: EPianoComplete

Kisses And Hugs

Time: 01:53sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 01:53sKey: CPianoComplete

Miss Thorn Threat And Underscore

Time: 03:28sKey: BbMelodyComplete
Time: 03:28sKey: BbPianoComplete

Miss Thorn's Entrance

Time: 00:13sKey: CPianoComplete


Time: 03:22sKey: EbMelodyComplete
Time: 03:22sKey: EbPianoComplete


Time: 01:48sKey: FPianoComplete

Parents And Children

Time: 01:53sKey: DbMelodyPartial
Note: Play m 1-53
Time: 01:53sKey: DbPianoPartial
Note: Play m 1-53
Time: 02:59sKey: DbMelodyComplete
Note: Lower melody, Ginger Part, Revised 2017
Time: 02:59sKey: DbPianoComplete
Note: correct notes m. 42, Revised 2017


Time: 00:38sKey: DPianoComplete


Time: 02:33sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 02:33sKey: CPianoComplete
Time: 03:39sKey: CMelodyComplete
Note: Revised 2017
Time: 03:39sKey: CPianoComplete
Note: Revised 2017

Scene 3 Playoff

Time: 00:45sKey: CPianoComplete

Scene 4 Undersdcore

Time: 00:48sKey: CPianoComplete

Sylvia's Entrance

Time: 00:16sKey: CPianoComplete


Time: 03:38sKey: DMelodyComplete
Time: 03:38sKey: DPianoComplete

Talent, Playoff

Time: 00:54sKey: CPianoComplete

Teaching Third Grade

Time: 03:11sKey: AbMelodyComplete
Time: 03:11sKey: AbPianoComplete
Time: 02:51sKey: AbMelodyPartial
Note: Play m 13 to end
Time: 02:51sKey: AbPianoPartial
Note: Play m 13 to end
Time: 03:16sKey: AbMelodyComplete
Note: Revised 2017
Time: 03:16sKey: AbPianoComplete
Note: Revised 2017

The Pippi Song

Time: 00:34sKey: BbMelodyPartial
Note: Play m 11-26, 43-46
Time: 00:34sKey: BbPianoPartial
Note: Play m 11-26, 43-46
Time: 01:26sKey: BbMelodyComplete
Note: Revised 2017
Time: 01:26sKey: BbPianoComplete
Note: Revised 2017

There's More To Life

Time: 04:01sKey: GMelodyComplete
Time: 04:01sKey: GPianoComplete

Tina's Entrance

Time: 01:13sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 01:13sKey: CPianoComplete

Tina's Mother

Time: 03:05sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 03:07sKey: CPianoComplete
Time: 02:27sKey: CMelodyComplete
Note: faster
Time: 02:27sKey: CPianoComplete
Note: faster

To Play This Part

Time: 00:49sKey: CMelodyPartial
Note: Play m 69-93
Time: 00:49sKey: CPianoPartial
Note: Play m 69-93
Time: 01:43sKey: BMelodyPartial
Note: Play m 1-22, 70-97
Time: 01:43sKey: BPianoPartial
Note: Play m 1-22, 70-97
Time: 02:20sKey: BMelodyComplete
Note: revised score 2017
Time: 02:20sKey: BPianoComplete
Note: revised score 2017

To Play This Part Reprise

Time: 00:27sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 00:27sKey: CPianoComplete

Underscore - End Of Show

Time: 04:55sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 04:55sKey: CPianoComplete

Underscore 12A

Time: 03:15sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 03:15sKey: CPianoComplete

Underscore 15B

Time: 00:28sKey: AbPianoComplete

Underscore 16A

Time: 00:17sKey: CmPianoComplete

Underscore 17B

Time: 01:04sKey: BPianoComplete

Underscore 17C

Time: 00:34sKey: DbMelodyComplete

Underscore 18A

Time: 02:58sKey: CPianoComplete

Underscore 19A

Time: 00:13sKey: CPianoComplete

Where Tina Gets It From

Time: 03:37sKey: EMelodyComplete
Time: 03:37sKey: EPianoComplete
Time: 02:45sKey: EMelodyComplete
Note: revised 2017
Time: 02:45sKey: EPianoComplete
Note: revised 2017
Time: 02:44sKey: EMelodyComplete
Note: Judy, upper voice, revised 7_15
Time: 02:44sKey: EMelodyComplete
Note: Sylvia, lower voice, revised 7_15
Time: 02:44sKey: EPianoComplete
Note: revised 7_15