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42 songs available for this show

Bow Wow Playoff 17A

Time: 00:04sKey: DbPianoComplete


Time: 04:02sKey: DbMelodyComplete
Time: 04:02sKey: DbPianoComplete

Bunnies 13A

Time: 00:28sKey: BbMelodyComplete
Time: 00:28sKey: BbPianoComplete


Time: 02:35sKey: DMelodyComplete
Time: 02:35sKey: DPianoComplete
Time: 02:34sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 02:34sKey: CPianoComplete

Daisy Hill

Time: 03:34sKey: DMelodyComplete
Time: 03:34sKey: DPianoComplete
Time: 01:58sKey: AMelodyComplete
Note: Matches printed sheet music
Time: 01:58sKey: APianoComplete
Note: Matches printed sheet music

Dime A Dozen

Time: 02:08sKey: AbMelodyComplete
Time: 02:08sKey: AbPianoComplete
Time: 02:09sKey: GMelodyComplete
Time: 02:09sKey: GPianoComplete

Don't Be Anything Less Than Everything You Can Be

Time: 02:45sKey: BbMelodyComplete
Time: 02:45sKey: BbPianoComplete
Time: 01:24sKey: BbMelodyPartial
Note: cut pg 6-10
Time: 01:24sKey: BbPianoPartial
Note: cut pg 6-10
Time: 01:33sKey: BbMelodyPartial
Note: slower, cut pg 6-10
Time: 01:33sKey: BbPianoPartial
Note: slower, cut pg 6-10

Easter Beagle 9B

Time: 00:52sKey: GPianoComplete

Edgar Allan Poe

Time: 02:33sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 02:48sKey: BbMelodyComplete
Note: Slower, 92% of Tempo
Time: 02:48sKey: BbPianoComplete
Note: Slower, 92% of Tempo
Time: 02:33sKey: CPianoComplete

Gum 15C

Time: 00:18sKey: EbmPianoComplete

Hurry Up Face

Time: 01:34sKey: AbMelodyPartial
Time: 01:34sKey: AbPianoPartial
Time: 02:11sKey: AbMelodyComplete
Time: 02:11sKey: AbPianoComplete

I Know Now

Time: 02:37sKey: DbPianoComplete
Time: 02:31sKey: DbPianoComplete
Note: Faster, 105 % of tempo

If Just One Person Believes In You

Time: 02:36sKey: DPianoComplete
Time: 02:39sKey: DbMelodyComplete
Time: 02:39sKey: DbPianoComplete

Laundry To Baby 14D

Time: 00:45sKey: EbmPianoComplete

More Bows And Exit Music

Time: 02:48sKey: CPianoComplete

Mother's Day

Time: 04:03sKey: DbMelodyComplete
Time: 04:03sKey: DbPianoComplete

Playoff - Anything Less 16A

Time: 00:19sKey: DbMelodyComplete
Time: 00:19sKey: DbPianoComplete

Playoff Clouds 9C

Time: 00:15sKey: EbPianoComplete

Playoff Edgar Allan Poe

Time: 02:33sKey: CPianoComplete
Time: 00:20sKey: CmPianoComplete

Poor Sweet Baby

Time: 02:29sKey: GMelodyComplete
Time: 02:29sKey: GPianoComplete

Prom 5B

Time: 00:09sKey: FPianoComplete

Psychiatrist To Sticks

Time: 00:18sKey: GPianoComplete

Pumpkin Change 7A

Time: 00:32sKey: CPianoComplete

Snoopy's Song

Time: 02:37sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 02:37sKey: CPianoComplete
Time: 02:25sKey: DbMelodyComplete
Note: Faster, 110% of tempo
Time: 02:25sKey: DbPianoComplete
Note: Faster, 110% of tempo

Stars Underscore 17C

Time: 01:38sKey: DbPianoComplete

Sticks To Laundry 14C

Time: 00:09sKey: BbPianoComplete

Teeth 15B

Time: 00:54sKey: EbmPianoComplete

The Big Bow Wow

Time: 01:13sKey: CPianoPartial
Time: 01:15sKey: CMelodyPartial
Time: 03:05sKey: CMelodyComplete
Note: Faster tempo
Time: 03:05sKey: CPianoComplete
Note: Faster tempo
Time: 03:59sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 03:59sKey: CPianoComplete
Time: 01:19sKey: CMelodyPartial
Note: Play m1-24, 79 to the end
Time: 01:19sKey: CPianoPartial
Note: Play m1-24, 79 to the end
Time: 01:18sKey: DMelodyPartial
Note: Play m1-24, 79 to the end
Time: 01:18sKey: DPianoPartial
Note: Play m1-24, 79 to the end
Time: 03:05sKey: BbMelodyComplete
Time: 03:05sKey: BbPianoComplete

The Great Writer

Time: 05:40sKey: DmMelodyComplete
Time: 05:40sKey: DmPianoComplete
Time: 06:01sKey: BmMelodyComplete
Note: Slower, 95% of tempo
Time: 06:01sKey: BmPianoComplete
Note: Slower, 95% of tempo

The Vigil

Time: 02:41sKey: AMelodyComplete
Time: 02:41sKey: APianoComplete

The World According to Snoopy

Time: 01:07sKey: AbMelodyComplete
Time: 01:07sKey: AbPianoComplete
Time: 01:54sKey: AbMelodyComplete
Note: Matches score
Time: 01:54sKey: AbPianoComplete
Note: Matches score
Time: 01:46sKey: AbMelodyComplete
Note: Faster, 105% of tempo, Matches score
Time: 01:46sKey: AbPianoComplete
Note: Faster, 105% of tempo, Matches score

To The Movies 15A

Time: 00:29sKey: FPianoComplete

Trousers Change 6A

Time: 00:17sKey: CPianoComplete

Trousers To Baseball 6B

Time: 00:07sKey: DmPianoComplete

Underscore 2A

Time: 01:08sKey: BbPianoComplete

Underscore School 4B

Time: 00:27sKey: DMelodyComplete
Time: 00:27sKey: DPianoComplete

Underscore Vigil To Clouds 8A

Time: 00:32sKey: DbPianoComplete

When Do The Good Things Start

Time: 04:14sKey: EbMelodyComplete
Time: 04:14sKey: EbPianoComplete
Time: 05:01sKey: EbMelodyComplete
Note: Extended Ending
Time: 05:01sKey: EbPianoComplete
Note: Extended Ending
Time: 05:02sKey: DMelodyComplete
Note: Extended Ending
Time: 05:02sKey: DPianoComplete
Note: Extended Ending

Where Did That Little Dog Go

Time: 02:16sKey: EbMelodyComplete
Time: 02:16sKey: EbPianoComplete

Woodstock And The Worm 4A

Time: 02:50sKey: EbmPianoComplete

Woodstock's Last Stand 17B

Time: 00:36sKey: EbmPianoComplete

Writer To Psychiatrist 14A

Time: 00:27sKey: EbmPianoComplete