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Street Scene

6 songs available for this show


Street Scene
Time: 03:04sKey: BbPianoComplete
Street Scene
Time: 02:27sKey: CMelodyComplete
Street Scene
Time: 02:27sKey: CPianoComplete

Lonely House

Street Scene
Time: 03:40sKey: EbPianoComplete

There'll Be Trouble

Time: 04:56sKey: DmMelodyComplete

What Good Would The Moon Be

Time: 02:37sKey: EbMelodyComplete
Time: 02:37sKey: EbPianoComplete

Wouldn't You Like To Be On Broadway

Time: 02:42sKey: GMelodyComplete
Time: 02:42sKey: GPianoComplete

Wrapped In A Ribbon And Tied In A Bow

Time: 04:04sKey: BbMelodyPartial
Note: Play p 101-112
Time: 04:04sKey: BbPianoPartial
Note: Play p 101-112