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Journey To The Past

14 tracks available for this songFrom Anastasia Categories: Kids Songs , Disney Style , Uptempo , Teens
Time: 03:03sKey: AMelodyComplete
Time: 03:03sKey: APianoComplete
Time: 03:04sKey: DMelodyComplete
Time: 03:04sKey: DPianoComplete
Time: 03:03sKey: CMelodyComplete
Note: Show Key
Time: 03:03sKey: CPianoComplete
Note: Show Key
Time: 03:02sKey: AbMelodyComplete
Time: 03:02sKey: AbPianoComplete
Time: 03:03sKey: GMelodyComplete
Time: 03:03sKey: GPianoComplete
Time: 03:02sKey: BbMelodyComplete
Time: 03:02sKey: BbPianoComplete
Time: 02:18sKey: CMelodyPartial
Note: Play pg 1-2, 5-8
Time: 02:18sKey: CPianoPartial
Note: Play pg 1-2, 5-8