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15 songs available for this show

Another Pyramid

Time: 03:35sKey: AmMelodyComplete
Time: 03:35sKey: AmPianoComplete

Easy As Life

Time: 04:41sKey: GmMelodyComplete
Time: 04:41sKey: GmPianoComplete
Time: 04:41sKey: CmMelodyComplete
Time: 04:41sKey: CmPianoComplete
Time: 04:41sKey: BmMelodyComplete
Time: 04:41sKey: BmPianoComplete

Elaborate Lives, Reprise

Time: 04:34sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 04:34sKey: CPianoComplete

Every Story Is A Love Story, Reprise, Finale Act 2

Time: 03:01sKey: BMelodyPartial
Note: play m1-80
Time: 03:01sKey: BPianoPartial
Note: play m1-80


Time: 02:18sKey: BMelodyComplete
Time: 02:16sKey: C#MelodyComplete

Fortune Favors The Brave

Time: 02:20sKey: CmPianoPartial
Time: 03:07sKey: GmPianoComplete

Fortune Favors The Brave, Reprise

Time: 01:03sKey: DmMelodyComplete
Time: 01:03sKey: DmPianoComplete

How I Know You

Time: 02:36sKey: AmPianoComplete

How I Know You, Repise

Time: 01:25sKey: DmMelodyComplete
Time: 01:25sKey: DmPianoComplete

I Know The Truth

Time: 01:56sKey: GPianoComplete
Time: 03:26sKey: EmMelodyComplete
Time: 03:26sKey: EmPianoComplete

Like Father Like Son

Time: 01:58sKey: EbPianoComplete
Time: 01:07sKey: BbMelodyPartial
Note: Play 97-139
Time: 01:07sKey: BbPianoPartial
Note: Play 97-139
Time: 01:05sKey: BbMelodyPartial
Note: Play 96-139, matches score
Time: 01:05sKey: BbPianoPartial
Note: Play 96-139, matches score

My Strongest Suit

Time: 01:40sKey: DbPianoPartial
Time: 01:55sKey: DbPianoPartial
Time: 05:11sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 05:12sKey: CPianoComplete
Time: 01:05sKey: DbMelodyPartial
Note: 32 bars
Time: 01:05sKey: DbPianoPartial
Note: 32 bars
Time: 01:33sKey: DbPianoPartial
Note: faster
Time: 01:47sKey: DbPianoPartial
Note: v2 faster
Time: 05:14sKey: DbMelodyComplete
Time: 05:14sKey: DbPianoComplete

My Strongest Suit, Reprise

Time: 01:03sKey: BbMelodyComplete
Time: 01:03sKey: BbPianoComplete

Not Me

Time: 03:03sKey: BbPianoComplete

The Gods Love Nubia

Time: 02:16sKey: CMelodyComplete
Time: 01:18sKey: CMelodyPartial
Note: Play approximately the last 23 bars
Time: 01:18sKey: CPianoPartial
Note: Play approximately the last 23 bars